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I Don't Know Life... At All

I woke up this morning, shook the fog out of my eyes, and realized... I'm here. Sometimes, some days, some afternoons full of quiet and lonely, I have no idea what to do with that.

It's been a good while since I felt I needed to say anything more than my two or three word quips via instagram, and to be quite honest I might not have anything meaningful to add now, either. But I'll try to shake something loose.

I've been knitting so much lately that I've worn a trench in the top of my left pointer finger. It hurts, but its also a nice reminder that I have produced something.

I finished two designs for Nihon Vogue. I finished a new mens sweater for self publication and I'm trying to bang out samples for Tuttle. All the while staring at the giant pile of sock yarn that is keeping me company in the living room and thinking that I'd really rather be running that through my fingers and over my needles.

If you watch my instagram at all you'll have seen this pop up a few times in the last few weeks:

I finished it today, but am still not super pleased with the rumply yoke. It's a very stiff Irish wool, which I enjoy, when I don't have a finger trench.

I've tried several methods of yoke increases to avoid a ruffle, alas, none have worked properly with this particular yarn. I'm going to try to bash it into compliance with the iron soon. Regardless, I think that XO pattern will be striking across a chest much larger and more majestic than the one I possess.

As per always, I'm swimming in woolen fabric.

Speaking of woolen fabric...

Seeing that I needed to knit so much for various projects, I have not had much time at all to sew. My studio is full of boxes and piles of laundry. I need to shovel out and get started again.

I think that's all for now.



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